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Welcome to RentMtGCube – the place to rent a cube, to play with your friends, over a weekend or a few evenings.

RentMtGCube delivers Cubes around the UK (basically where the shipping costs aren’t too much – so places like the Highlands and Islands might not be covered).

Every cube is delivered to you, before the first day of your rental period, itemised, fully sleeved, with basic lands and a handy guide to cubing in general, along with a set of instructions for our favourite draft formats.

Along with the cube you’ll receive a packing label to return the cube, fully paid for, so you’ll simply need to repackage the contents back in the box it was delivered in (keep that packing material!), affix the returns label and drop it off at your local delivery office on the last day of your rental.

We also offer a local pickup/delivery service, too.

Each card that is delivered within the cube is marked with an infrared marker, so we check the cards on the way out and on the way in. We know accidents can happen, but please note that you will be responsible for any cards that come back in a condition worse than we sent them.

Cards are always in English, unless otherwise noted, and are a mix of foil and non foil.

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